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Gratisan Musik
even for 100 years.!
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 @ 12:00 PM
so guys,
its been ages rite...
well, not really... hahaha
what im trying to say is..
its been quite awhile since the last update...
i really want to write a full update today..
but, guess what being the typical me..
when i started writing this update...
i forget almost everything...
so, watehel...
lets talk about anything...
hurm, about my the title of this update..
just wanna say that
ya, thats right...
i will love them forever!!
i dont know.. they are everything to me..

ok.. enough about that because i will start
crying everytime i talked about our boys...
so, no more tears..
i wanna write about HE...
so, i got jealous these past few days...
but, who am i to get jealous or anything..
i am only his friend...
not even a best friend..
i never been this way..
i never feel this way before..
yesterday i really feel like confessing;...
luckily, i didnt..
just imagine... what if i did confess..
things must be awkward between us..
if HE accept me than its ok..
but if HE rejected(which i think he would),
i maybe die,..
luckily, i didnt but i kinda regret it..
well, u never know unless you try rite?
well. whatever, maybe next time i'll try...

enough about that...
so, these past few days...
there was a fuzz on the internet about
that poor child in china(i guess)
she got hit by a van and then got hit again
by a car.!
and the WATEHEL PART is that
nobody i mean nobody at all helped her..!
she just lying down on the middle of the road...
and all the passer by just ignore her.!
whatehel are u thingking guys?
do you think she was sleeping or resting IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.!
please inject our self with some sense of mercy or something nice...
it sad... its really sad when i watch the video..
im crying ya! im crying like crazy!
i was WATEHEL people!!
help her.! haish!

i hope here in Malaysia..
kite still ade unsur2 yang baik.!
coz we are one big family guys!
love uuuu!

till the next update!

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