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Gratisan Musik
compilations of cuteness and dorkyness.!!
Sunday, August 30, 2009 @ 1:35 AM

kim jaejoong.! my hubby.! cutie.!
he can be cute,dork,sexy all at the same time.! hubby i love u.!!
i really do.!!!!

here shim changmin.! the maknae in this group.!
he is the yougest but then he act the most mature in the group.!

next is the angelike xiah junsu.! the most cutest of them all.!
he can melt people heart just by smiling.! he has the most prettiest smile.!!!

then we have jung yunho.!
our leader-shii.!
i dont have his picture that cute and dork bcoz dye lebih kepade hot and charismatic..

next of course we have micky yuchun..
cute, dork and also hot.!!!


and lastly we have pictures of the dorkyness when they are together..!!!
and that is one of the reasons why i love them so much.!!!
i miss them.!!
next time i will make the compilations of hot and sexiness of the RISING GODS OF THE EAST.!!

weird messages.!
@ 1:27 AM
yesterday i got one text message from someone.!!
but i dont understand the meaning of this message.!!
it so complicated.!

here it is--> i'm looking for love this time, sounding hopeful but its making me cry.(trying do not ask why). love is mystery, please do come and find me. love is blind, but who am i to beg difference, finding love in distant instant. but i dont mind . at least i tried. i tried. iwill tried.!

what the **** is this.???
can someone translated it to me in simple english.??!

the wait that worth it.!!!!
Friday, August 28, 2009 @ 5:29 AM
da lme ak 2gu akhir nye smpi gak.!!!
puas nye aty ak.!
benda2 yg ak 2gu slame nie da smpi.!
ape yg ak 2gu tu,...
here it is.!

nie la dye.!
(all about dbsk season 3)
with poster and photobook.!

nie luarnye.!

this is the cover front and back.!

another cover front and back.!

and the cds.!

this is the photobook.!
yg plg bemakne dkt photobook niep..
last skali they tulis.!
TVXQ! is all you need.!
it is amazingly true.! ^^

benda laen yg ak nk share kat sine yela.!

nie sume benda2 dbsk yg ak ade.!
sume nye yg official.!
this is a collection from me and my sister.!

nie plak cd2 dbsk and wondergirls.!(x msok ngan aadbsk3 yg ade kt si2 aadbsk2 jep)
satu jla cd WG coz susah nk bli..!
^^ klu ade cd 2PM pown ak akn bli..
tp syg nye xde..
tp nie pown ak da epi da.!
byk la 2..
biar sume tau ak nie pminat hardcore TVXQ! WG! ngan 2PM!

My English Essay.!! DONE.!!!
Thursday, August 27, 2009 @ 6:18 AM
at last.!
i finish it...!!
it is an pain in the ***..!!!!
it finish already.!
now i can enjoy the night.! ^^
btw, here my essay.. read it if u want to and correct it.!!


Shopping is an activity of selection or purchase. It is an examining of goods from retailers with the intent to purchase at that time. Nowadays, we can shop in many ways we like. We can go to mall as usual or we can do shopping online.

Computers have come long way since the first one was invented in the early 1900’s. The oncoming trend on the internet now is online shopping. With online shopping we can buy books, clothes, CDS, and even houses. To do online shopping all you have to do is follow the instructions that are given on the shop web page. It is easy because we can shop without leaving our house. We also can shop at anytime eventhough we are busy with our daily routine. In additions, other benefits of online shopping are that sometimes you get the items that you desire at a cheaper price.

Shopping is also addictive to some people. These people are called shopaholic. They love to shop eventhough they do not have money and have a lot of debt. They have a compulsive shopping disorder that effects their daily lives. These people believe the more they shop, the better they feel. In reality, compulsive shopping often make the person feel worse because they run their credit cards up to the maximum, thus increasing the debt the person has gained due to shopping.

In some research, it’s proven that shopping addiction tends to affect more women then men. Women often buy things they did not need such as a lot of shoes, t-shirt with the same design but different colours and a lot more. Women also like to shop just to fulfill their desires and some of them do shopping to be up to date or trendy. Some women who have this disorder, will often have racks of clothing in their closets and they will usually go to the mall with the intention of buying one thing, and come home with bags and bags of merchandise. This disorder will certainly lead to many social and relationship problems with they own family.

If we look at it in a positive way, shopping can help us to relax after a long busy day at school or at office. But we have to be smart enough to spend our money and not buy things that we did not need. Shopping also is a great way to exercise. We can walk from shop to shop and burn some calories without going to the gym or jogging at the park. It is like killing two birds with one stone. We can shop and also keep ourselves healthier.

Apart from that, we also can spend sometimes with our family and friends while shopping. It will help us bonding with each other about anything and we also can give our opinions about items that they want to buy.

In a nutshell, shopping is a necessary in our lives but it is not something that we do on a daily basic if we do that it will ruin our financial plans for future and even our precious lives.

@ 5:54 AM
da nk abes da cuti.!
homework x wat2 agi..!
mls gle..
tapi mlm nie ak betekad nk wat..
skang nie nga tulis essay psl shopping.!
bapak beban kepale.!
ak hepi sbb beshties ak nk pndh skola ak lek.!
welcome back s*****..
hehe mcm owng x tau jek spe.!
doa2 kan la ak dapat abes an homework mlm nie.!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @ 7:02 AM
da x de cte sgt soo..!!!
nk cte nie.!
ak nie suke gler animals.!
nk jd dr.haiwan tp mls arh..
nk jd psikologist..
eja pown x tau..
x tau la.
susa ma klu mau senang..
senang klu mau susa...
bak kte pakya...

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