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Gratisan Musik
Wednesday, July 10, 2013 @ 10:10 PM
yep as the tittle clearly state i am now officially 20 years old..
omg.. its a 2.. 20 years old.. i feel old already..
for this year birthday..
it was okayy i guess..
i got a cake from my second family and also of course
tepung + sirap + all the things i cant describe were thrown at me..
mereka nampaknye berpuas hati sebab dapat menyimbah saya dengan kekotoran tersebut.
itulah yg dinanti untuk menyimbah saya..
well im not mad.. im happy in fact.. 
thanks gaiz.. levchu allaa.. :)  
well moving on.. on my birthday was also the first day of ramadhan..
so i hereby wanted to say to all my readers(sekali lagi bajet ramai readers)..
HAPPY RAMADHAN.. have a great one.. RAMADHAN best woo
bbukan sebab raya dah dekat jee..
tapi best sebab banyak kelebihan yg kita dapat semasa RAMADHAN...
but im too lazy too share..
korang boleh jee google "kelebihan ramadhan"
nanti banyak keluar.. hehhehe
okayyy im using someone else lappy for writing this updates..
the battery are about to die very soon..
better get going..

before i go.. 
take these.. 
feel the cuteness

love DESPICABLE ME 2 and absolute love the minions.! 

love <3 b="">

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